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Miss Finn Sings

Singing Teacher.

Acting through song. 

Repertoire Coach.

Audition Prep. 

I'm here for you! 


I direct my singing lessons to the need and technical ability of my student. I have a background in classical singing and contemporary techniques. This allows me to pull from differing methods and alter my teaching promoting a more personalized approach. Currently, I have students ranging from 8 to 50 years old. I have a vast knowledge of differing repertoire and musical styles/techniques allowing me to cater specifically to the students wants and needs. 


"Alissa is professional, knowledgeable, welcoming, attentive and spirited. Each lesson fills me with energy, challenges me and is always a supportive and rewarding experience."

~Filippa (22)

"Thanks to her theatrical background, Miss Finn has been an invaluable asset in teaching Ines to perform and to improve her poise and confidence. Miss Finn has also introduced her to a world of songs, plays and musicals, and opened her eyes to new artistic horizons. Miss Finn has a unique way to engage with different personalities and fine tune the lessons according to the interests of her students."

~Parents of Ines (8) 

"The lessons Alissa provides not only enable me to develop my skills, but allow me to restore my wellbeing, learning to find my voice."

 ~Adam (30)

Let's Talk! 

30 Minute Singing Lesson 



1 Hour Singing Lesson 

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